Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Couple marks 70th wedding anniversary with glory


When Margaret and Ferris Romaire celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary everyone had tears in their eyes. The couple tied the knot in a simple manner on Nov. 24, 1946, in Morgan City, Louisiana and their wedding was so simple that they don’t even have any photographs of the same.

The wedding of a lifetime

Today’s scenario was different. Margaret and Ferris Romaire celebrated their 70th anniversary with photo shoots. Margaret Romaire, 89, bought a $9 long dress at a local resale shop while Ferris Romaire, 90, wore a tuxedo from his closet that still fits him well. They have four children, eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.  They celebrated their special day on Thanks giving Day and have their photos clicked this time for good. A professional photo shoot was organized for the couple on their great day.

A pleasant moment

old wedding

The photographer called Lara Carter was very pleasant and she made the couple feel at ease. The couple said that what led to their good health was walking on a regular basis. Ferris washes his own clothes and irons them as well. He also cooks regularly. Kleckley, their granddaughter made prints of the photos for the Romaires and also made a photo book for them so that they could show their friends.

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