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Best Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photos

If you are a wedding photographer, you must carry at least two accessories. The first reason for this is a possible problem. The second reason is that two of the most used lenses are ready to be installed from the foundations; these lenses will be 24-70 mm in weight and 70-200 mm in weight. The unforgettable wedding photography speed is very important, and you can not use the lens in critical positions to change the time.

A further step is the third center; in addition, there is also a single com-pact machine, and in other trunks, macro, fish eyes and less used lenses for special portraits.

2- Find helper.

A good helper is made in a more creative and relaxed way that you can breathe in size while running in your wedding bustle.

And it will help you support the size you want to use external flash from different angles, keep an eye on your spare parts in the mess and hustle and bustle. He needs a slide show.

3- Getting to know the area to shoot

If you don't know the area of ​​your wedding reception, it's important to go and check out the area before. You can select the appropriate regions for the photo, the position you need to use in shooting according to the position in the open position and the extra necessary system plans, you will not encounter surprises, and you're setting the time loss.

5- Take one of the Wedding Owners with you

It may be a serious problem then I think who is more important in the crowd, hustle and bustle. One of the owners of the wedding helps to bring together the relevant groups for the size of the photos in this regard, in the case of who needs photographs.

6- Good communication with the groom and the bride

Best wedding Photography

Since the bride and groom are at the center of the wedding, it is very normal for them to be nervous and excited. It is your duty to comfort the bride and groom at the moment of shooting. For this, you must come together and establish a friendly relationship before the wedding day. The shooting day may be too late for this relationship. Capture natural movements and compositions in pairs instead of continuously posing. Show the beautiful pictures taken from the screen of your machine at the moment show up and raise morale. Instead of taking a lot of frames and creating a photo-picking chaos, capture the required frames.

7- Pull out small details

Just don't give weight on portrait. Please note that this is their day as always. Try to find beautiful details about the Bride and Groom. For example, a look with his family or guests, like a nice detail of his wedding dress. It is important to note that the wedding venue is important, and the details of the environment prepared for it should be included in the album.

8- Use the light well and use Reflective and additional flashes.

Allows you to take photos that you want to work with one or more flashes that are professional rather than your current ambient light. One flash may not always be enough. Especially for exterior shots, there is a need for a second flash or reflective reflector support to illuminate the wedding dress uniformly and uniformly. These require auxiliary support.

9- Pull your photos in RAW format

RAW can save lives most of the time. You will not be able to shoot RAW as many photos will be taken and take up a lot of space. For couples, you're photographing very important moments, so whiteboards, exposures, and other important arrangements make RAW the way to do it. When you try to edit a JPEG version of bad photos that are not correctly exposed and have a white balance, you will regret that you did not pull them in RAW format.

10- Make the slideshows taken immediately

You should show the photos you have taken on the screen or screen, or at least on a monitor if the wedding venue is available. If you have a memory card next to it, you will give JPEGs in RAW format.

11- Do not delete the photos taken immediately

Do not erase the photos by saying im this is a bit of a trapezoid. Minor errors can then be corrected very easily, and photos may be satisfied. In RAW format, you can easily play back with the exposure of the photos you take, and light or lightly dark photos can be easily returned to life.

12- Change your angle. Go up, lay on the ground, use ultra-wide angle lens, or even a multicopter for aerial shooting

Instead of the ordinary frames that everyone can pull, try to be different. This is a way to go through plenty of movement and different angles. If you have the opportunity to rent outdoors, or if you have the opportunity to take a wedding from the air with Multicopter Photographs and Videos, there will be a separate visual richness.

. Shoot in continuous shooting mode

If you shoot continuously in some positions instead of a single frame, you will be more likely to photograph instant events such as flower throwing or laughing, especially when the movements are in series. For example, choosing the most suitable one among the ten frame photos is much less risky than waiting for the appropriate moment and taking single-frame photos.

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